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(Episode 1) Finding Sheila… a Morbid Tale!

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.marvmuhd23 days ago
(Episode 1) Finding Sheila… a Morbid Tale!

Melanie was in her room, hopping up and down in the name of doing a jump squat, which she was watching from a workout video, when her phone buzzed. At first, she wanted to ignore it, but then she decided to attend to it, since it could be important.

Melanie: “Dammit, why didn’t I switch off my phone? It is probably Sheila wanting me to open the gate for her again” she said as she walked to the bedside table where her Techno phone was vibrating. She swiped right and put the phone on her ear, with a ready smile, thinking it was her sister Sheila on the other side of the phone.

“Sheila you have to…” she started but paused when she heard the voice on the phone. It was not her sister’s lilt voice, but a man’s voice and it sounded dangerous.

Man: “If you love your sister, come and save her. Come to…” he called out an address for her. When the call ended, her palms were sweaty; she dropped the phone on her big queen bed and looked around her room in fright.

Melanie: “Sheila, what have you gone and got yourself into this time” she soliloquized as she thought back to the time she had to save Sheila from the hands of her creditor. That was way before Sheila became a Lagos big girl and had the latest of everything. Then she was just a girl working in her mother’s fashion shop, and she had gone to get a hair wig of 300 thousand naira, and couldn’t pay at the stipulated time. The seller had seized the car their mother gave her for her 24th birthday, and despite Sheila’s begging, the seller refused to succumb. Sheila had gone ahead and called her sister, Melanie, who just got a job with NNPC. Her first salary was what she used to pay off Sheila’s debt. But after that time, Sheila had made sure she had money to buy all she wanted.

Melanie quickly pulled on a hooded sweatshirt over the sport bra she wore for her workouts, and grabbed her car keys from the plate where she kept all her little things like pens, keys, and little money notes. As she descended the staircase, her mother Bukky, who occupied the ground floor bedroom because of her Arthritis, came out of her room.

“Mellie baby, where are you rushing off to, so early in the morning?”

Melanie: “Nothing mom, be right back” she replied without turning, and blazed out the front door. The caller had given her an address in Ojuelegba, it was a long distance from their Lekki residence. So, Melanie drove like she had not driven before, her speed was 120km/hr, and she prayed in her heart that she would get to her sister safely.

Melanie: “Jesus, take the wheels.  Don’t allow me be in an accident, I have to save my sister, or no one will” she muttered, as she stepped on the gas. She literally flew on the third mainland bridge into the Mainland. Melanie turned on her car’s navigator because she wasn’t familiar with the Mainland.

The navigator led her to the address, which was nowhere but a deserted road. That was when sense took over fear.

Melanie: “What if Sheila is fine, but the call was to trap me” she thought as fear settled in the pit of her stomach. She got out of her car, nevertheless because she couldn’t be sure her sister wasn’t in trouble, and she wouldn’t forgive herself if she had the chance to save her and didn’t. She walked away from her car, in tentative steps towards an uncompleted building on the deserted road. Her eyes went down and a cold feeling settled over her. There on the sandy ground was Sheila’s pink crop top which she had worn out, the previous day. The cloth was drenched in blood.

Melanie: “Oh my God. Dear Jesus, please don’t allow anything happen to my sister, please” she cried, with tears rolling down her cheeks, because even though she denied it, her heart already knew that Sheila was not alright, her heart also knew that the blood on the top, was Sheila’s. She picked up the top and kept walking, looking before and behind her. Then she saw a car in the distance; she broke into a run, even though her thighs were hurting from all the jump squats she did that morning, prior to the call. Her sister’s life was on the line and pain was secondary.

When she got to the car, her horror increased because the car’s windscreen had been shattered, with the body smashed in, and also most parts of the car was burnt. She could tell though, that it was her sister, Sheila’s car. She looked inside the car and found Sheila’s bum short, also drenched in blood. On the driver’s seat was a phone. She picked it up and saw that it was Sheila’s iphone 6.

Melanie: “Sheila!” she screamed, in an agonizing cry.


Twenty Four Years ago

Bukky was the daughter of a preacher, she sang in the choir, and also was a Sunday school teacher. She lived a conservative life because her parents never let her out of their sights. They made her school in the University of Lagos, and they hoped that she would be the ‘Will of God’ of a brother in their Pentecostal church. They went to church services together and came back together; they were a model Christian family, with a daughter that loved the Lord.

Bukky had ended her relationship with a boy she loved because her parents didn’t want a Catholic boy, and also they barely had time to go for dates as Bukky’s curfew time was 7pm. With the boy living on the Island, while Bukky was in Surulere, there was no way they could spend quality time together, and still beat Bukky’s curfew.

One day, Bukky was teaching a Sunday school class, and there was a particular young man, always answering all the questions, and supporting them with bible passages. Bukky was beyond impressed so when after service, the young man approached her, she was receptive. In her head, she could see her parents accepting this one, after all he was godly. The man introduced himself as Ayo, and Bukky’s joy knew no bounds; he was also Yoruba, she had surely seen a man her parents would have no qualms about.

Ayo: “I am always delighted when I meet a beautiful girl who is serving God” he said and naïve Bukky, smiled and blushed. At that time, her mother came out of the church and gave her a stern look. She quickly bade goodbye to Ayo and went to join her mother.

Bukky’s mother: “Bukky, what were you doing with that man?” she asked, bringing down her eye glasses to peer at her daughter.

Bukky: “Maami, he was in my Sunday school class, and he is so godly. I think, Ba mi will approve” she replied her mother.

Bukky’s mother: “You sound desperate Bukky, you are only 25 and he has not made his intentions known. Be careful, before you fall into temptation” her mother warned sternly.

Nevertheless, Ayo still attended all services and always waylaid Bukky after each service. They exchanged numbers despite her mother’s warning, and soon Bukky was skipping practice to hang out with Ayo. He would take her to Coldstone Creamery for ice creams that Bukky had never had before. He would also take her swimming, another thing that Bukky had not done before. He even bought her a one piece swimsuit, which had all her boobs out.

Bukky: “Ayo dear, I am not sure God will be happy with this outfit oh” she said pulling up the neckline of the swimsuit.

Ayo: “Come on Bukky, God knows you have to swim, would you swim in your clothes. Do you think you know God more than me?” he would reply whenever she complained. In the pool, he would begin to touch her body, and whenever Bukky objected, he would use a bible passage to assure her that it was alright, as long as they loved each other.

One day, Ayo convinced Bukky, it was time for them to have a date indoors; he told her that it was materialistic of her to want them going to fun places always. Bukky, who wanted to be a thousand yards of wife material, decided he was right and began to visit him in his friend’s place. When Bukky complained that she wanted them to visit his house, he told her that he didn’t have a house, he was still house hunting, and as soon as he got an apartment, Bukky would be the one to decorate it, since she was going to be living there with him as his wife.

Bukky: “Really love?”

Ayo: “Yes my dear, I want you to be my wife”

Bukky: “Is that a proposal?”

Ayo: “Yes, as soon as I get my first pay in this new company, I am getting you a ring” he said.

Bukky: “We have to see my parents then, and also get registered in the marriage committee” she replied, with her heart overflowing with joy.

So that, when Ayo ask to deflower her, Bukky did not put up a strong resistance. She felt it would cement her claim on him, because that was what Ayo told her. It was a painful, but exhilarating experience; Bukky became a regular fixture at Ayo’s friend’s house. Nevertheless, she kept pushing for Ayo to come see her parents, because she had already told her parents that a brother in the church saw her as his will of God.

Bukky’s father: “Really, then why didn’t he go to the Marriage Committee, why would he come to you?”

Bukky: “Ba mi, he wanted to be sure that I would accept”

Bukky’s father: “These young lads of nowadays” he said shaking his head in distaste.

Bukky’s mother: “He has to come for us to see him. What does he do?”

Bukky: “He is a civil engineer working with a construction company” she replied.

Bukky’s father: “Is he a God fearing, child of God, and what Unit is he working with, in the church?” her father asked.

Bukky: “He is a new member, Ba mi”

Bukky’s father: “Hmmn Bukky, sho ra re oh” he said in Yoruba.

Question: What will be the outcome of Bukky’s relationship with Ayo?



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